Arm Versatile boards (versatileab, versatilepb)

The Arm Versatile baseboard is emulated with the following devices:

  • ARM926E, ARM1136 or Cortex-A8 CPU
  • PL190 Vectored Interrupt Controller
  • Four PL011 UARTs
  • SMC 91c111 Ethernet adapter
  • PL110 LCD controller
  • PL050 KMI with PS/2 keyboard and mouse.
  • PCI host bridge. Note the emulated PCI bridge only provides access to PCI memory space. It does not provide access to PCI IO space. This means some devices (eg. ne2k_pci NIC) are not usable, and others (eg. rtl8139 NIC) are only usable when the guest drivers use the memory mapped control registers.
  • PCI OHCI USB controller.
  • LSI53C895A PCI SCSI Host Bus Adapter with hard disk and CD-ROM devices.
  • PL181 MultiMedia Card Interface with SD card.