Sharp XScale-based PDA models (akita, borzoi, spitz, terrier)

The XScale-based clamshell PDA models (“Spitz”, “Akita”, “Borzoi” and “Terrier”) emulation includes the following peripherals:

  • Intel PXA270 System-on-chip (ARMv5TE core)
  • NAND Flash memory
  • IBM/Hitachi DSCM microdrive in a PXA PCMCIA slot - not in “Akita”
  • On-chip OHCI USB controller
  • On-chip LCD controller
  • On-chip Real Time Clock
  • TI ADS7846 touchscreen controller on SSP bus
  • Maxim MAX1111 analog-digital converter on I2C bus
  • GPIO-connected keyboard controller and LEDs
  • Secure Digital card connected to PXA MMC/SD host
  • Three on-chip UARTs
  • WM8750 audio CODEC on I2C and I2S busses