Sparc32 keyboard

SUN Type 4, 5 and 5c keyboards have dip switches to choose the language layout of the keyboard. Solaris makes an ioctl to query the value of the dipswitches and uses that value to select keyboard layout. Also the SUN bios like the one in the file ss5.bin uses this value to support at least some keyboard layouts. However, the OpenBIOS provided with qemu is hardcoded to always use an US keyboard layout.

With the escc.chnA-sunkbd-layout driver property it is possible to select keyboard layout. Example:

-global escc.chnA-sunkbd-layout=de

Depending on type of keyboard, the keyboard can have 6 or 5 dip-switches to select keyboard layout, giving up to 64 different layouts. Not all combinations are supported by Solaris and even less by Sun OpenBoot BIOS.

The dip switch settings can be given as hexadecimal number, decimal number or in some cases as a language string. Examples:

-global escc.chnA-sunkbd-layout=0x2b

-global escc.chnA-sunkbd-layout=43

-global escc.chnA-sunkbd-layout=sv

The above 3 examples all select a swedish keyboard layout. Table 3-15 at explains which keytable file is used for different dip switch settings. The information in that table can be summarized in this table:

Language selection values for escc.chnA-sunkbd-layout
Hexadecimal value Decimal value Language code
0x21 33 en-us
0x23 35 fr
0x24 36 da
0x25 37 de
0x26 38 it
0x27 39 nl
0x28 40 no
0x29 41 pt
0x2a 42 es
0x2b 43 sv
0x2c 44 fr-ch
0x2d 45 de-ch
0x2e 46 en-gb
0x2f 47 ko
0x30 48 tw
0x31 49 ja
0x32 50 fr-ca
0x33 51 hu
0x34 52 pl
0x35 53 cz
0x36 54 ru
0x37 55 lv
0x38 56 tr
0x39 57 gr
0x3a 58 ar
0x3b 59 lt
0x3c 60 nl-be
0x3c 60 be

Not all dip switch values have a corresponding language code and both “be” and “nl-be” correspond to the same dip switch value. By default, if no value is given to escc.chnA-sunkbd-layout 0x21 (en-us) will be used.